Wednesday, July 20, 2005

me = 31

Our age is just a simple math, plus it's easy to choose when to celebrate your birthday.

First, you must know or remember the year and the date you were born.
Next, find out what year is right now. So here is the formula:

Yn - Yb = Ag

"Yn" is the year you are now.
"Yb" is the year you were born.
"Ag" is your age.

Now you understand how to get your age, then use your exact date birth as the moment to celebrate with your love, family or friends.
Simple, isn't it?

Have fun! :)

Do you see the baby?


Alia said...

You're 31?
I was guessing you were younger.

Anyways, happy belated birthday yah :)

{toni.radex} said...

Thanks Alia. I take it as a compliment ;)