Thursday, July 28, 2005

enjoy my new RX8 -Xtruder!

This is my most dreamed car, Mazda RX8 plus extreme modifications from X-Men 2 "Mutation Station". With its advanced RENESIS (Rotary+Engine+Genesis) under the hood, will blow my day dream away. May the Lord grants me one someday.

Guys, start your imagination!


Get your own modification of Mazda RX8 here!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

me = 31

Our age is just a simple math, plus it's easy to choose when to celebrate your birthday.

First, you must know or remember the year and the date you were born.
Next, find out what year is right now. So here is the formula:

Yn - Yb = Ag

"Yn" is the year you are now.
"Yb" is the year you were born.
"Ag" is your age.

Now you understand how to get your age, then use your exact date birth as the moment to celebrate with your love, family or friends.
Simple, isn't it?

Have fun! :)

Do you see the baby?

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

DashBlog: a cool way to post

A new feature exclusively from Mac OS X Tiger (10.4), Dashboard, apparently becomes very useful to me. Dashboard hosts mini-application called widget, to display visual information, game or tool, floating on the desktop. And most of widgets are distributed free!

Now, I just got from my pal, Donz, a new free widget called DashBlog. It helps the user of to post blog directly from the Dashboard. Cool! Even it's much better than posting by email that can't handle HTML tags and no headline as hell :(

So, here it's my new post, fresh, directly from my Dashboard!

Tips: before sending the post, it's better if you copy or backup your post to other text-application, such as: Text Editor or word processor. I found out that once failed to display in my blog though it said "Posting Successful".