Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Puzzle 3: Blue Room


Finally I have time to play with the latest room-puzzle game from FASCO-CS. It's the "BLUE ROOM". Not only it is the smallest room to solve compared with the previous two: CRIMSON ROOM and VIRIDIAN ROOM, but also contains very few things to help you escape. The game also gives new navigation buttons to switch to the next view of the room (not appear in the other rooms). It helps us focus on clicking things without accidentally change to another view (though it's not necessary to click wildly in this game except for the painting :)

Well, I found out it's quite easier to escape. It lacks of originality like the CRIMSON ROOM while I miss the complexity & nice ending of the VIRIDIAN ROOM, but still I can feel the humor slipped by the creator ;)

Yeah, it's simple! It's so fun to spend a small time for a fairly minimalist game, hopefully not hours of yours :P

Waiting for the PINK ROOM and TANGERINE ROOM to come...

I highly respect with the FASCO-CS team for their contribution to UNICEF through the projects, though the feedback from UNICEF is quite demanding :( and I think it's not fair. Keep the good works guys.

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