Tuesday, May 17, 2005

black dog & its master

It's just another night walk for the dog and its master. The time for the dog to stretch its legs, sniff around and have poo in a fresh air. For the master, it's a ritual to treat his dog as reward for being good and guarding his house while he was away... Read more!

On the way home, suddenly two guys come out and try to mug him with blades. Apparently they've knew his night walk habit. Alarmed by the surprise, the master commands his dog to attack them. The dog barks and jumps to one of them. Yet they've prepared for the attack. With a quick move, the lethal blades' slashed to the dog's head. The dog falls down in blood. The master just stands still and sees faintly to his dog while they rob his watch and wallet vigorously. They're gone.

The memories of playing and cuddling with his dog, flash through his mind. The moments when they become so equal, not just a master with its dog but between two souls that need each other being. Nothing more.

'Who needs who' and 'who protects who' seem so blur when a certain condition pushes one to a corner of ego. Unfortunately, sometimes it is what it is.

Abin's still waiting for his 'Dudut'.
How about a cat, Abin? i like it better :)

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